What is a Pullover Hoodie

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Hoodies have a rich history. They were introduced in the 1930s, they are evolving, and the love for hoodies has never faded in these years. There are many types of hoodies. You can have them with a zipper on, or you can don a pullover hoodie. In this blog, we will be talking about what a pullover hoodie is, what are different ways to style pullover hoodies for men, and what things you should consider before buying a pullover hoodie.

What Is a Pullover Hoodie?

Pullover hoodies are the type of hoodies without a zipper; you wear them just like a t-shirt by pulling them down your neck. Pullover hoodies are a no-brainer; you can wear them anywhere and almost everywhere. 

Pullover hoodies for men are very common these days. From any local market to the world’s best international clothing outlets for men, you can find them everywhere. 

What Are Different Ways to Style a Hoodie?

Pullover hoodies are so versatile; you can wear them in any way you like. You can don them on any t-shirts for boys, or you can wear them without a shirt. Here are a few ways you can style a pullover hoodie for men.

  1. Under a Bomber Jacket

You can wear a pullover hoodie under a bomber jacket. In this case, do not close the jacket zipper if you don’t want to ruin your look. This is one of the very cool casual looks you can try on cold winter days.

  1. Under a Denim Jacket

If you want to steal the show at a party or some event, try this look. Denim Jeans have grace like no other clothing. A simple pullover hoodie for men under a cool denim jacket will do the thing for you. The look is just so COOL.

  1. Oversized Hoodies

If you have a “not so perfect physique, no worries because oversized pullover hoodies are here to the rescue. You can pair them up with some street-style sneakers and tight jeans to don the look.

  1. On a T-Shirt

If you are too lazy to think of what to wear with a hoodie, a pullover hoodie won’t ruin a look, even if you wear it on simple t-shirts for men.

  1. Under a Long Coat

If you have a long coat, you can wear it with some pullover hoodies for men to give a cool yet elegant dressing. 

If you are living in some temperature below zero, this dressing can be a blessing. This style can give you some Hollywood vibes while keeping you warm.

  1. Customizable Pullover Hoodies for Men

Looking for unique hoodies? Yes, you can have a hoodie customized for yourself.

Customized hoodies have the advantage of choosing the design and color of your choice; you can have some artwork printed on them. They are unique as they are the only of its kind things.

Things to consider before buying a hoodie

As said earlier, you can easily find a hoodie in every nearby market because of their popularity and the comfort they provide. You can get these hoodies even under $5; also, you can get some for more than $100 on some internationally acclaimed stores. Here are some of the things you should consider before paying for a pullover hoodie for men:

  • Fabric

Check the fabric; the pure woolen hoodies are expensive but are very comfortable. Pullover hoodies these days are made of fleece that does not provide much warmth but is cheap. 

  • Season

You should know when you are going to wear the hoodie. If you want to wear it for summer days, go for the one which has style but provides no warmth. If you plan to wear the hoodie for cold days, go for the one which keeps you warm. Fleece hoodies work only in hoodies because they are too warm inside to be worn on summer days.

  • Budget 

Keep a check on your budget; never go for some extraordinary product if it’s out of your budget. Search somewhere else where there are products under your budget range. Some brands spend too much on their marketing, so they have to increase the prices to maximize their revenue. Make sure you search for a cheaper product that has high-quality fabric to meet your needs.

  • Physique

Purchase a hoodie according to your physique; not all types of pullover hoodies suit everyone. If you have a perfect physique and body figure, you can don a fit pullover hoodie. Tight-fit hoodies don’t look good on thicker individuals. Thicker people can go for oversized hoodies.


We briefly discussed pullover hoodies and how we can choose a perfect pullover hoodie for ourselves. You should always keep in mind the above-given points before buying a hoodie. Never pay for something that isn’t made for you and never believe in the glam of social media. The celebrities you see wearing expensive clothes are just an eye-wash. The lens of the high-quality camera makes everything look so perfect. 

You should always believe in yourself that you are just made perfect for yourself. 

Never waste your money by purchasing a thing blindly. Take advice from a friend who has a good fashion sense. You should always check prices first and choose the one that gives the maximum value for money; it means maximum benefit at the lowest cost.