Let’s Help You Learn How To Differentiate Between Fake Leather Vs Real Leather

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How many times have you purchased a leather garment or an accessory from a local clothing store only to find out that the fabric used to produce it is not genuine? In today’s modernized era, making and selling counterfeits is not a big issue. There are many innovative methods of production used to produce faux leather. 

Many people prefer to buy faux leather due to various factors. Perhaps, the primary reason for buying fake leather is that it has the same feel and appearance as the real fabric. Moreover, it is certainly more affordable for everyone. Whether an individual wish to buy faux or genuine leather is their choice. What’s important is for you to be fully aware of the differences shared among fake leather vs real leather

You need to know that affordability is not the only characteristic that attracts buyers toward faux leather. There are other features that people regard as valuable. Here’s what you need to know;

  • Fake leather is resistant to stain and moisture. 
  • It requires significantly less maintenance.
  • It turns out to be a durable fabric that does not crack easily. 
  • Did you know that faux leather is resistant to UV (ultraviolet) rays?
  • Lastly, fake leather does not fade easily. 

It is safe to say that in our debate of fake leather vs real leather, there are no winners as both types of fabrics have their own uniqueness and usefulness. Such features of faux leather point toward its incredible versatility. You can find an online or a local clothing store selling faux and real leather without any difficulty. An impressive note to make here is that these stores do not lie about the originality of the fabric. They even sell it by telling the customers, because there are buyers for both kinds of fabrics who make shopping decisions by keeping their perspectives in consideration. 

Time To Shed More Light On Fake Leather Vs Real Leather 

Acquiring information about the two types of fabrics in question can help you in multiple ways. Being aware of the characteristics of both kinds of leather allows you to decide which one is suitable according to the situation. Faux leather is not genuine, which ultimately gives birth to negative perceptions within people’s minds. 

Regardless, we are going to discuss the differences one after another to help you fully learn. Let’s begin:

The Durability Of Fake Leather Vs Real Leather

When it comes to their durability, they both can last a long time. All you have to do is carry out proper maintenance to keep your favourite leather jacket, belt, or purse from getting ruined. Real leather does not peel and fade, making it the most durable of the two. The genuine fabric does not wear out either. Instead, a patina starts to develop on its surface with time. 

On the other hand, fake leather is not as durable. Although it possesses all the characteristics mentioned above, it is still not as sturdy and long-lasting as the original stuff. Did you know that faux leather is not as breathable while remaining vulnerable to punctures? 

Why Do Prices Of The Two Fabrics Vary? 

The apparent answer is that one is fake while the other is genuine. However, this may not be enough to explain for inspiring a better understanding. Real leather tends to be the most expensive of the two since its manufacturing is fairly challenging. Faux leather is less costly and more affordable because producers can easily manufacture it. To sum it up, the difference between the production processes of the two types of leather proves to be a significant determinant of their cost. 

How Is The Appearance & Texture Of These Two Fabrics In Comparison?

When it comes to the texture of fake leather vs real leather, the latter is sufficiently better. The real leather fabric has a notably natural appearance. It has an inconsistent, soft, and highly smooth texture. Although, you may not find as many colour options. Faux leather looks and feels the same as the real one. However, the consistent texture of the fake fabric is a good sign as it often appears to be synthetic. Can you easily differentiate between fake and real leather now? All you have to do is focus on the texture of the fabric as the appearance is almost the same. 

The Maintenance Of The Fake Leather Vs Real Leather Also Varies 

Everyone knows the importance of maintenance when it comes to clothes. Whether you have shirts for girls, pants, leather jackets, etc., cleaning them properly is essential. Real leather absorbs liquid, so you cannot use a lot of water. You can clean your real leather apparel twice a year using non-abrasive cleaners. In contrast, faux leather is non-absorbent of water, so cleaning it should not be a problem. How well you clean your fake or real leather and the methods used in the process determines the durability of the fabrics. 

Final Words 

Was this an informative and interesting take on fake leather vs real leather? Keep these points in mind the next time you shop and use online stores to purchase leather garments, shirts for girls, jeans, shoes, etc.